Fleet and Driver Resources

Fleet Procurement
The CarLease247 / CarReward platform can be implemented by corporates in order to deliver a multi-supplier solution to drive costs down. We can help supplement this with a fleet management solution or a supplier chain management solution to ensure that your fleet cost base is as low as it can be.

Fleet Consultancy
We can help you shape your fleet policy by using a robust whole life cost model combined with a financial product evaluation tool. This means you deliver the most cost effective policy from both a vehicle perspective and a financing perspective.

We can help shape fleet policy from an environmental perspective and from a safety point of view. We take an integrated mobility solution approach.
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Buy Vs Lease
We are asked this all the time. The answers usually given sound complex. However, we have simplified this and are producing a video that will feature on the CarLease247 Youtube channel soon.

Tax Efficient Mileage Payments
If your business pays its employees a cash allowance as an alternative to a company car, there may be savings to be made by optimising the delivery of the cash allowances and mileage payments. We can create a secure workflow between your expense system and payroll to automate the delivery of the solution.

Tax Relief on Business Mileage
Very few employees claim the tax relief on business mileage that they are entitled to. We can provide a solution to make this simple.

Work Related Road Safety
We can provide a range of services that include driver risk assessment, classroom and 1-2-1 training. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, we can help you ensure that you are operating within the law, that you are fulfilling your duty of care, and that your fleet and grey fleet is managed with minimum risk, and maximum cost efficiency. We'll audit your risk factors, help you understand and minimise them, and then where necessary we have a highly professional, nationwide network of trainers.

Driver Resources - Cash vs Car
Should you take a company car or a cash alternative? Get in touch and we can send you a simple template to complete to help you answer that question - Free, of course. Get in touch to get a copy.

Free Fuel Benefit
If you are offered free fuel as an employee benefit, it may be worth looking into how this affects you financially. We can let you have a free template that will allow you to simply calculate whether you should or not. Get in touch to get a copy.