Our reseach suggests that less than 10% of employees who are eligible to claim tax relief on business mileage do so. We can only speculate why this is, but the fact remains that millions of pounds of tax relief remains unclaimed.

CarReward's Tax Relief module could not make reclaiming mileage tax relief any simpler. The system takes a feed from either a mileage-capture system or expenses system through a secure interface. It then pre-populates the appropriate HMRC documentation and provides the employee with a explanatory letter and a prepaid envelope. All they have to do is sign the enclosed form and post it in the supplied envelope.
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CarReward is designed to consider every employee that travels business mileage whether it is in a company car or in their own vehicle. An example of how all of the elements of CarReward can be implemented are included in the CarReward Case Study sub-form of the CarReward tab above. The parameters are based on a genuine UK business. If you have a spare 5 minutes and would like to answer a dozen or so questions about your business, take the CarReward Survey. Perran Maven will appraise your position at no cost. Alternatively, give us a call on: 0845 054 2310
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