CarReward's Mileage Module takes a data feed from either a mileage capture system or an expenses system through a secure interface. The module then calculates the optimum way in which to pay employees who have driven business mileage in the previous month.

CarReward's Mileage Module has no end-user interface as the whole process is automated. The key consideration here is security due to the movement of employee information across systems. Every business has different security protocols, so CarReward is flexible in how it handles data from encrypted email to secure data rooms.

The default position for the CarReward Mileage Module is to leave every employee no better or worse off before tax relief is considered. This can be fine-tuned to suit your needs.

Note: The calculations have been verified by a national advisory business that specialises in employment tax.

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In some cases, you may not want to optimise your cach-takers position and instead opt to enhance their reward through helping them to claim the tax relief that they are due. Our estimations are that less than 10% of employees who are eligible to reclaim tax relief on business mileage do so. The CarReward tax relief module is there to deliver this solution. If you are unsure about the pros and cons of each approach, please give us a call on: 0845 054 2310
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