This case study is based on the parameters of a genuine UK business. The mechanics are less important than the results, so detailed here are the inputs and the output of the application of CarReward. The savings speak for themselves.

CarReward Inputs
Total Employees


Employees taking a company car


Employees taking cash


Average car allowance


Average business miles travelled by cash takers


Average mileage reimbersement rate for cash takers

18 pence

Marginal PAYE rate for cash takers


Percentage of non eligible employees who travel business mileage


Marginal PAYE rate of non-eligible employees


Average business mileage travelled by non eligible employees


Average mileage reimbersement rate for non-eligible employees

15 pence

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In the scenario detailed here, by deploying CarReward, the business would save £647k per annum. In addition, by utilising CarReward, the business would drive £77k of value into the pockets of its employees every year. Nearly three quarters of a million pounds of value delivered by CarReward.
If you have a spare 5 minutes and would like to answer a dozen or so questions about your business, take the CarReward Questionnaire. Perran Maven will appraise your position at no cost. Alternatively, give us a call on: 0845 054 2310